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December 9, 2013
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Card 09 :: Fluffy Wings by ShadowSinty Card 09 :: Fluffy Wings by ShadowSinty
'nother card I drew way too long ago, need to keep my Gallery updatet. Sad thing is I don't really draw new stuff u_u I don't like depressions at all, oh well...
So yeah little doodle of Sin and at least I tried a BG that's not just random dots. I honestly have no idea what to say. Chistmas is coming closer and I'm all like noooo xD

Dub dub dub ♥

Art & Character © :iconshadowsinty:
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Both of your cards, 08 and 09, very nice coloring! Especially how you did the wings on her!
Some parts of the picture looked smudged, but the coloring looks nice overall.
ShadowSinty Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
They usually appear really smudgy because the picture itself is pretty zoomed in lol
This looks so nice, cool work
Chibi-Nuffie Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You should draw Sin more often :c I really really like her design, especially her color sheme. It's so colorful and fresh ♥ which is a great thing ;w;
So yeah, I really hope to see her more often in the future ;w;

By the way: you did a very nice job on the shading, as the colors blend in together nicely without smudgy edges. The highlights in the hair are what I love most about your coloring style, but you know that already xD Sadly you went over the edges at some parts, but knowing the size of your cards... I guess it can't be avoided and well, I bet I'd do worse on them .A.; I can't draw that small D: Teach me, little Nuffie, teach meeeee :hug:

Oh, you could try to force back some of the ink that went over the edges by using a colorless blender (if you haven't colored that area already) or a marker of a slightly lighter color than the area's color (if you have colored the area already). It works for me sometimes... SOMETIMES :'c
She looks really cute.
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